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If you have made it this far, then thank you for checking out DH Drones.

Your project is important to us and please consider that costs and pricings are based on the cost of our equipment, our insurance and the time requirements for each assignment.


Full day – £350

Half day – £250

*Hourly Rate – £60

*Most projects will require at least half a day due to planning, and pre flight work. An hourly rate is charge for very small projects only.


Aerial photography will be quote on a “job by job” basis, all quotes will be based on the type of project, the travel distance and extra costs for flight permission, if permission is necessary.

Special considerations

DH Drones is open to working with others to aid a project.


Editing will be quoted on request in addition where requested.

Editing will come with fully licenced music.

DH Drones gives you the content that we capture so you can simply take this away with you and it is yours to do what you wish with, or we can edit this for you.

*The cost quoted will give you the video or photographs completely unedited (please note that DH Drones will hold the copyright to this and have the right to use any photos or video for their own promotional purposes. The copyright can be signed over to you at request for a small fee (Dependant on the amount of content).