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Aerial Video

Video content is everywhere… adverts, in promotional material and aerial footage is more and more popular.

In the past expensive helicopters where the only way to get aerial footage at great cost. This fortunately is a thing of the past…….


Using industry standard equipment to give you smooth video footage. With years of experience at your disposal we will get you the video content that you require.


Our equipment has built in intelligent flight modes that can produce the most stunning content. Follow me mode, allowing a subject to be tracked by the drone for epic tracking shots. Point of interest, letting the drone focus on a set object and automatically spin around that object and most importantly a built in return to home mode, so in the event of an emergency the drone will find it’s own way home and land. Safety is key.

DH Drones and particularly Danny were ultra professional from the day I enquired about making an advert for my business to the day it went live. He understood my very busy schedule, never hassled and did the job quietly and to a very high standard.

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DH Drones provided us with background pictures for our brand new website update. We could not be happier with the results. Recommended 100%.

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