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Aerial Video and Photography using a UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) otherwise known as a drone. Providing content and editing expertise for commercial, residential and public sector projects.

Drones can be a tricky thing to fly, they are fantastic bits of equipment but in the wrong hands can be dangerous. In the hands of our fully qualified pilot, DH Drones will help get that awesome shot or fantastic video for your project.

With several intelligent flight modes such as active tracking, and tripod mode with a camera attached to a 3 axis motorised gimbal, that smooth cinematic footage is just a simply flight away.


How we get from start to finish


From initial consultation, we will check, prep and plan for the area in which to would like us to fly. Assessing any area for risk and acquiring permission to fly, DH Drones will make sure any area is safe to fly. Safety is DH Drones top priority.


After checking the flight area, we will check the craft to make sure it is safe to fly.

Using the skills of our pilot and the Drones intelligent flight modes we will get the pre-arranged pictures or video.


This is where DH Drones will provide you with options. The footage or photos can be taken from us for you to edit and use at your discretion. Alternatively DH Drones can take the footage and create a project in your image with fully licenced music.